Sitemap - 2021 - Secret Siam

Court ruling drags Thailand further back into absolute monarchy as king resumes his holiday in Germany

The last days of Rama IX

Thailand tentatively reopening to tourists but recovery still far off


Royal riches

Prayut versus Prawit — old comrades at war as government's popularity continues to plummet

The plot that nearly toppled Prayut

Welcome to Rancho Charnvee

Lying while Thais are dying

Paranoid palace and government under siege as coronavirus fury rises

แจ็ค บราวน์ “เด็กฝรั่ง” กำลังออกอาละวาด

“วัคซีนพระราชทาน” - วัคซีนวังหลวงกับบ่วงกรรมของคนไทยในมหาวิกฤติโควิด

Jack "dekfarang" Brown is having a tantrum

Thai regime tries to deny reality as coronavirus crisis worsens

Thai regime responds to growing outrage by threatening to sue celebrities

The palace and the pandemic

Outrage reaching boiling point as virus rages out of control

Shooting the Soul of a Nation

Epic fail — Thailand's mass vaccination drive halted due to production shortfall at royal company

Remembering the disappeared

Thailand begins mass vaccinations — at last — but policy remains chaotic

Royal rebuke for the Thai government over vaccine shambles

"I could kill you, too"

Seven years after the coup, incompetence and corruption rife in the Thai regime

Is Vajiralongkorn facing a health crisis?


Thai regime backs down over bail in victory for hunger strikers


The strange story of why King Vajiralongkorn has a Boeing 737 as a garden ornament

Anger and despair in Thailand with Penguin on the brink of death

Angel Mountain: Inside the Alpine royal court of Queen Suthida

Thai regime fighting for survival as outrage over coronavirus incompetence escalates

Mafia bosses, black magic and marijuana

Government under fire as incompetent virus response risks economic disaster

Clusterfuck: Hostess bar visits by officials plunge Thailand into virulent third wave

Former foes join forces to target the government

The tragic history of refugees in Thailand

Thai regime destroys protest camp after biggest democracy rally of the year

Police attack democracy protesters outside Grand Palace after regime sabotages reform efforts

ประวัติศาสตร์ไทยสมัยใหม่ผ่านสุนัขทรงเลี้ยงทั้ง 5 ตัว

In a never-never land, never mind

"You can't lock up the truth" — Mass trial of protest leaders begins

ใครคือคนต่อไป? บทวิเคราะห์พลวัตรการสืบราชสันตติวงศ์ของราชวงศ์ไทย

If we burn, you burn with us: Thailand on the brink as lèse majesté crackdown escalates

A history of modern Thailand in five royal dogs


Beware the black ribbon

Violence at protest march sparks debate over tactics

"How did Uncle die?" Human sacrifice and the Thai royals

The elephant in the room: Explosive revelations about royal involvement in police corruption

Remembering the three innocent men killed to protect King Bhumibol

An overview of declassified CIA cables on Thailand

Dangerous days ahead in Thailand after violent crackdown on lèse majesté protesters

How to get away with mass murder in Thailand

Who's next? An analysis of Thai royal succession dynamics

Where's Suthida? Concerns are growing about the fate of Thailand's queen

Catch 112: More lèse majesté madness as Thai vaccine policy becomes a royal disaster

Looking into Thailand's future: my forecasts for 2021 and beyond

Thailand is plunged back into lèse majesté insanity as another scandal rocks the palace

Thailand in 2020: A Review of the Year

Thailand in 2020: A Review of the Year